Regtons is a wholesale domain offer project designed for foreign partners. It features a lot of information on cooperation possibilities and the offered technical solutions. offers detailed information on partner programs, registrar/register solutions or information on our accreditations.

We obtained the Ukrainian Regnames domain project through acquisition in 2014, and we currently offer registration services and domain administration to the Russian-speaking markets.

Regnames is our door to the Eastern markets.

The main domain project, which has started it all and which allows the registration of more than 700 types of world domains. Customers and partners may use for complete registration and administration on all of their domains.

Its Slovak version is

Anycast DNS is fast network with many nodes worldwide, secure with protection against DDoS and other web attacks and with powerful functionality and API.

Powerful services from End User DNS management to profesional tools for registrars and TLD managers.

ARCHON Panel is the extension web environment for the FRED project. The Panel features complete registry administration and also provides an interface for accredited registrar.

ARCHON Panel is the best WebGUI extension for the FRED opensource system.

The project started in 2014 in order to support the registration of new domain extensions and to provide up-to-date information from the world of new domains.

The websites feature well-arranged information of all the new TLDs.

G-hosting is a project of technically focused and automated web hosting that offers the installation of popular open source applications. It has been verified by a few thousand of customers.

Experienced and technically oriented customers will appreciate the hosting services. It will impress regular customers by its functions.

The web hosting project offers customers its selection of www services, starting with the basic low price tariffs up to sophisticated solutions with tariffs suitable for domain multi-hosting.

Hosting is designed for small and medium-size companies and the general public.

To administer domains. To maximally automate processes and let customers use them in domain portfolio administration. To offer domain instruments and services that may be configured in line one's own needs and capabilities.

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